HOME REMEDY FOR DANDRUFF: Dandruff is a dust formed by dead skin cells on head and it is very common disease and the another name of dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis. It may also caused by a type of fungi named as malassezia. Usually dandruff is treated by anti dandruff shampoos. However, dandruff may also caused by shampoo skin allergy. Fortunately, antioxidant (vitamin C) foods like Indian goose berry, strawberry, grapes, lemon etc may helps to treat the patient who suffering from dandruff. 

NOVORAPID: It is a popular drug used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. It a disease caused by low blood sugar level 80mg/dl is the minimum normal range of sugar in the human blood. We may call novorapid as artificial insulin. It is a hormone secreted by the beta cells of pancreas the main goal of insulin is to minimize our blood glucose. Novorapid is exposed to the human body via injection. Novorapid has insulin aspart and C256H321N65O79S6 is declared as the chemical formula for insulin aspart. Low level of blood sugar is called hypoglycemia.

MY NEW CONCEPT TO REDUCE THE SIDEEFFECTS OF MELITTIN(ANTI HIV DRUG):Washington University Scientists concept: Melittin is a powerful toxin found in bee venom which can cause serious cell damage to us. However in 2013, the researchers from the Washington University school of Medicine was identified that the melittin can kill HIV and they also identified the way to overcome the side effects of melittin by using nanoparticle which hold melittin on its surroundings HIV should die when it reaches the nanoparticle.

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PROTEASE VS HIV: The HIV using its glycoprotein to diffuse its target cells like helper T cells, macrophages etc. After diffusing its target cells, the replication process will begin. Rennin or chymosin is an enzyme, which is secreted in our stomach and it breakdown proteins into small peptides. Usually the rennin is inactive. The hydrochloric acid produced by partial cells, helps to convert inactive rennin into active rennin. The inactive rennin is also called pro-rennin.

MY NEW CONCEPT TO PREVENT CANCER CELL GROWTH USING ICE CUBE: INTRODUCTION:Usually, ice cube is used to treat pain and bleeding. In this article I wrote how to treat cancer using ice cube. Cancer is a harmful disease and it is caused by uncontrolled growth of tissue due to gene mutation. Unfortunately cancer does not cause any symptoms during earlier stage that’s why it is sometimes hard to cure. ​Cancer cell metastasis (spreading of cancer cell from one organ to another) is an important problem. 

HOME REMEDY FOR DRY COUGH: Cough is our body’s natural immune method to discharge wastages which are blocked inside breathing air paths and cough is more common for all people as well as it also common to mammals excluding dolphin. The cough may cause by either dust or microbial infections like bacterial, viral etc. Air pollution, consuming cool drinks, impure water, ice cream are the important risk factor for cough.

MY OPINION ABOUT RAJMOHAN NAIR'S POWER: We can easily kill HIV or cure worm diseases like filariasis by exposing several volts of current into the body of AIDS patient. Well known , several volts of current not only destroy HIV but also destroy entire body thus it will result in death.If AIDS patient have tolerance to face high volts of electricity means, we can cure AIDS. I felt it is impossible to give electricity tolerance power to AIDS patient, before I saw Mr.Rajmohan Nair from Kerala, India.