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       We can easily kill HIV or cure worm diseases like filariasis by exposing several volts of current into the body of AIDS patient. Well known , several volts of current not only destroy HIV but also destroy entire body thus it will result in death.If AIDS patient have tolerance to face high volts of electricity means, we can cure AIDS. I felt it is impossible to give electricity tolerance power to AIDS patient, before I saw Mr.Rajmohan Nair from Kerala, India. He can able to survive high volts of electricity in his body.

            He realized his power in his childhood. It is possible to copy the Rajmohan Nair’s electricity tolerance power means, AIDS patient also get electricity tolerance power. Thus we can easily kill HIV by exposing high voltage of electricity into the body of AIDS patient.

             But the main problem is how to send the Rajmohn Nair’s electricity tolerance power into AIDS patient. I think we can easily send electricity tolerance power into AIDS patient by donating Rajmohan Nair’s blood into AIDS patient.We need to collect complete history of Rajmohan Nair and life style of Rajmohan Nair. These details are helps to unravel the secret, how Rajmohan Nair got electricity tolerance power. Thus it may leads to treat AIDS. We must preserve Rajmohan Nair’s DNA for creating cloned Rajmohan Nair in future.