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HOME REMEDY FOR DRY COUGH: Cough is our body’s natural immune method to discharge wastages which are blocked inside breathing air paths and cough is more common for all people as well as it also common to mammals excluding dolphin. The cough may cause by either dust or microbial infections like bacterial, viral etc. Air pollution, consuming cool drinks, impure water, ice cream are the important risk factor for cough.
Cough is one of the main evidence for tuberculosis (TB), allergy, lung tumor and asthma. Cough may be either dry or nondry. There are lots of home remedies for a dry cough are hide in our kitchen. Consuming cumin or pepper powder mixed palm sugar is the best home remedy for dry cough. Garlic is a super antibiotic agent similarly ginger is an excellent digestive agent. Chewing small piece of fresh ginger or garlic can also an effective way to recover from dry cough. Similarly natural honey may also contribute to cough recovery. Sometimes cough is accompanied with sneeze, eating grapes can helps to overcome from the sneezing problem. 
Dextromethorphan (brand names:
sliphen DM, creomulsion, babe cof etc) is a popular drug for cough treatment. It works by blocking cough signal between brain and vocal card. Common adverse effects are blurred vision, nausea and confusion. Codeine is a drug which is similar to dextromethorphan but codeine is also prescribed for the treatement of pain and diarrhea. Brand names for codeine are aircof, bitex, brontex, pedituss etc.
People must not consume any drugs without doctor advice.
Cough is classified into several types named as dry cough, microbial cough (bacterial, fungal and viral), habit cough and neurogenic cough. Habit cough is usual for adolescent and it is only caused by psychological problem. A viral cough is very harmful than a bacterial cough. Consuming some drugs like lisinopril, enalapril, captopril, fosinopril may also contribute to cough side effect.  
Cough patients must avoid consuming cool drinks,
non hygienic foods, impure water, ice cream, open place sleep during winter and cool water bathing. This restriction may also applicable for the patients who living with follicular tonsillitis a type of throat infection caused by bacteria.