Washington University Scientists concept:

     Melittin is a powerful toxin found in bee venom which can cause serious cell damage to us. However in 2013, the researchers from the Washington University school of  Medicine was identified that the melittin can kill HIV and they also identified the way to overcome the side effects of melittin by using nanoparticle which hold melittin on its surroundings HIV should die when it reaches the nanoparticle.That nanoparticle was surrounded by bumpers which help to prevent cell damage by pushing out normal cells like RBC, WBC etc. HIV can able to pass between bumpers because HIV’s diameter is just 120nm and it reaches the melittin so where it will die.

 My concept:

    But my concept is too simple to kill HIV by exposing melittin without any side effects. Using melittin we can kill HIV without side effect by boostup our immunity to neutralize the side effect of melittin. On the First day we need to insert 0.5 mg of melittin into AIDS patient blood then Second day we insert 1mg then Third day 1.5mg. Similarly we increase the dosage of  0.5 mg per day. In other words, we have to increase the dosage little bit day by day. So this method can help to boost up our immunity to tolerate the side effects of melittin thus it will kill HIV without any adverse effects.

    I got this idea when I saw the person named as Tim, he can able to survive from black mamba snake bite. Inorder to survive from black mamba’s venom, Tim was increased the black mamba’s venom dosage little bit day by day then I thought why cont we use this same concept to overcome the side effect of melittin toxin for the treatment of AIDS .In fact now some squirrels immune systems are upgraded naturally to tolerate the snake venom.




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