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Novorapid is a popular drug used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. It a disease caused by low blood sugar level 80mg/dl is the minimum normal range of sugar in the human blood. We may call novorapid as artificial insulin. It is a hormone secreted by the beta cells of pancreas the main goal of insulin is to minimize our blood glucose. Novorapid is exposed to the human body via injection. Novorapid has insulin aspart and C256H321N65O79S6 is declared as the chemical formula for insulin aspart. Low level of blood sugar is called hypoglycemia, which is a usual symptom of novorapid.   People must not utilize novorapid without doctor advice. 
Novorapid is useful only for the treatment of diabetes mellitus not insipidus. There is lots of difference between diabetes mellitus and insipidus but both diseases are having same symptoms like polydipsia, polyuria etc. The working speed of novorapid is higher when it is compared to insulin. After exposed to blood the working time of insulin aspart is 3 to 4 hours. The dosage of novorapid is depend upon the blood glucose level so glucometer is very useful for the patient who living with diabetes mellitus. 
If a female has diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. This kind of patients may take novorapid more over insulin aspart does not cause any danger to the growing fetus. Novorapid drug should be stored in the refrigerator otherwise, it may degrade. Lantus, sitagliptin, and metformin are the drugs similar to insulin aspart. Novorapid should inject into human blood on before or after food but usually, it is exposed immediately before start eating food. The patient who taking novorapid drug must avoid eating carbohydrate food like rice and also sugary foods. Diabetes patients should involve in physical exercise this may help novorapid to perform its work more easily.