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                The HIV using its glycoprotein to diffuse its target cells like helper T cells, macrophages etc. After diffusing its target cells, the replication process will begin. Rennin or chymosin is an enzyme, which is secreted in our stomach and it breakdown proteins into small peptides. Usually the rennin is inactive. The hydrochloric acid produced by partial cells, helps to convert inactive rennin into active rennin.

   The inactive rennin is also called pro-rennin.Rennin is classified under the Protease which is protein digesting enzyme. We can able to destroy the glycoproteins of the HIV by importing rennin enzyme into the blood of AIDS patient.Thus it will help to neutralize the replication cycle of HIV. Unfortunately, matured HIV is protease inhibitor so rennin can able to destroy only glycoproteins of unmatured HIV.

               In HAART (Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy), the drugs are covers the glycoproteins of HIV inorder to neutralize replication cycle.But in my Rennin treatment, the glycoproteins of unmatured HIV are completely destroyed. Like side effect full HAART, rennin treatment also cause side effect by destroying Y glycoprotein called as antibody. Rennin treatment may affect the glycoprotein hormones like luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone etc.